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Family Animation marathon

During the days of winter holidays on February 20 - 24, in the First Lyceum the will take place the second Family Animation marathon (the first was held during autumn holidays on November 21 - 25).

The first affiliate of «Zenit» is in Salavat

On May, 20, 2011 on the basis of the Lyceum there was opened the first regional children affiliate of St. Petersburg football Academy «Zenit» with the support of the company "Gazprom". The infrastructure of the club today includes 3 football fields of the world class, which totally meet FIFA standards. One of the fields with parameters 109х72 meters and artificial cover Evro Grass M 60bi FIFA "2 stars" is on the 50-letie Oktyabrya stadium.

The second field with the parameters 60х40 meters and artificial cover is on the territory of the first Lyceum.

The size of the third field is 66х42 м. It is meant for quest trainings and is situated 10 km far from the city, in the children's health centre "Sputnik".

Building of the Palace of Sport "Neftehimik" is coming to an end. With its appearance the affiliate will get a large sport hall for trainings during winter season.

The affiliate training base possesses 8 changing rooms, a study class, a fully equipped medical room and a jury room.

The coordinator of the Academy affiliates Andrey Gorlov shared his opinion about children football development in Salavat after his visit of the Salavat affiliate of FA «Zenit».


— What do you think of our young football players prospective?

— They have prospective and it is the most important thing. Not every school gas such opportunities and not every school administration is ready to do so much for such development. Everything going on here is only thanks to your administration. Otherwise, nothing could be possible. Combination of their financial support and our experience and wish to work will surely give good results. But it is as clear as a day, that one cannot expect a quick effect. It will appear in some time as contribution in children development is not that fast. Children should first grow up. And it should happen in correspondence with some special training and education with constant control. Sport effect will be visible later but the social one is obvious already today. Children leave streets and start doing something different and useful for them.

— Many Salavat children and their parents are interested in possible prospective to be transferred to St. Petersburg, to the main team. What do you thing of such a possibility?

— Affiliates have two main tasks. The first one is to spread the club and the second is to find especially talented children for their future work in the main "Zenith" team. We really hope to find such talents here. But we should be realistic. We cannot take lots of sportsmen as we have great opportunities for choice today. Today we have 10 affiliates. If we choose one player from an affiliate we will already get a team. Besides, we have got our own teams. That is why competition is rather high. But on the other hand, children have a goal ahead, they have something to strive for. It is very hard but it is real.

— Zenith in Salavat today is the greatest affiliate. Is it so?

— Yes, according to some criteria it is so. In some other affiliates we train children from 6 to 11 years old and in your affiliate the age figures are from 7 to 17. It allows children to get full football education and maybe become a professional sportsmen. I think that the appearance of the master team "Zenith-Salavat" is a good idea. Not all the boys will get an opportunity to play in the main team but all of them are eager to play anyway. And they will get such an opportunity. But it will be possible in future only. Today their task is to be taken in the Academy. There is nothing impossible here, but it is not easy.

— The affiliate in Salavat today is the only regional one. Do you plan to open other such like affiliates?

— We have got lots of offers, but we are still thinking. The number is not the most important thing. Quality is more important for us. We are planning to take into account all the offers, but for today the affiliate in Salavat is the only regional one.

— Will Salavat boys play with St. Petersburg Academy?

— Sure. We will play with each other. We invite you to the competition named "Christmas Cup" which will be held on December, 17 - 18 on the basis of Football club Academy "Zenith". There will take part players from all our affiliates.

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