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Winners and prize winners of city, Republican and All-Russian Olympiads and competitions


Family Animation marathon

During the days of winter holidays on February 20 - 24, in the First Lyceum the will take place the second Family Animation marathon (the first was held during autumn holidays on November 21 - 25).


Our library is a favorite place for all Lyceum pupils. Modern design of the interior, convenient modular furniture allowing to organize working space of any configuration for a short period of time. Books on the shelves are in free access. Reading a book in the library it is not necessary to register it And registration itself is very simple and democratic. We rather often hold homeroom lessons, different presentations and meetings with interesting people here.

Structure the library fund:

  • Paper sources of the information (books, newspapers, magazines);
  • Electronic documents;
  • The documents on video- and audio-carriers.

In our Lyceum we are now working at creation of a Library Information Centre. Audiobooks are necessary for pupils planning to take Unifies State Examination on literature. It allows to get acquainted with great number of literary works during a short period of time. You can also remember some of the masterpieces you are not sure in. It can be done at any time and in any situation, for example, on your way home or to school. There are also people who better understand and memorize things when they hear them. Audiobooks as widely used during lessons and during different optional literary classes. An interactive board is extremely helpful for organizing contests and some special lessons. It is colorful, bright and interesting.

Non-traditional data carriers play very important role for the structure of our LIC. Among them there are video- and audio carriers, electronic carriers and Internet. In our library there are more than 18000 literature subjects which include all the carriers named.

Though there lots of alternative data carriers the role of a traditional paper book is still on its positions. And all the obligatory literature works pupils prefer to read the traditional way. Our librarians take an active part in a city contest named "the Most reading class".

A library still has got one more very important task - to help teachers and pupils to search for information both from traditional sources and from any electronic source. Only librarians are able to reveal the plot of the book in a way that will arise your wish to read it as soon as possible.. Olga Alekseevna Uskova is such a librarian in the senior classes building and Natalia Ivanovna Plyukhina - in the elementary classes building!


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