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Winners and prize winners of city, Republican and All-Russian Olympiads and competitions


Family Animation marathon

During the days of winter holidays on February 20 - 24, in the First Lyceum the will take place the second Family Animation marathon (the first was held during autumn holidays on November 21 - 25).

Lyceum hockey players learn to play from Canadians and win!

In 2011 in the first Lyceum there was organized a special sport-oriented class for hockey players who were born in 2000. The boys first started to skate in 2007 when Sport Complex "Salavat" was opened in our city. They all learnt in different schools and some of them even came from the nearest cities. Today all the team «Yurmaty» consists of 5 б class pupils. There is a special regime developed for them. Their morning starts with training and then they attend school lessons. The team very often takes part in different competitions and leaves the city. That is why they have to learn during holidays not to lag behind other pupils.

But sport does not hinder learning. Pupils from hockey class take part in subject competitions and become winners of some of them (Russian language and Maths). This season «Yurmaty – 2000» has already been to competitions in Mednogorsk, Neftekamsk, where it competed with teams from Orenburg, Kazan, Samara, Saratov, Volgograd, Neftekamsk. In Neftekamsk they won the second prize. The group of coaches trains perfect hockey players seriously. They even invited experts from Canada to show master-class.

5 Б Class Class teacher Klenina Galina Viktorovna


Surname, First name, Second name of pupils Specialization
1. Alekseev Valery Pavlovich
2. Arbuzov Dyzcheslav Dmitrievich fullback
3. Ahmadullin Ilgiz Rinatovich fullback
4. Baranov Nikita Vyacheslavovich forward
5. Bednyakov Valery Dmitrievich fullback
6. Varakin Mihail Mihailovich fullback
7. Gadelshin Bogdan Ilgizovich forward
8. Galimov Emil Albertovich forward
9. Dorovsky Alexander fullback
10. Djachenko Daniil Pavlovich forward
11. Zinchenko Dmitry Andreevich forward
12. Kamalov Artur Rafailovich forward
13. Kostylev Viktor Maksimovich fullback
14. Lakiza Kirill Vladimirovich forward
15. Lebedkov Nikita Dmitrievich forward
16. Meltsaikin Vadim Olegovich fullback
17. Petryaev Yaroslav Olegovich fullback
18. Pisklin Ilya Vitalyevich goalkeeper
19. Rahimov Danil Alekseevich fullback
20. Sagadeev Dmitry Rimovich forward
21. Safarov Daniil Igorevich forward
22. Sibagatullin Roman Albertovich forward
23. Habibullin Kirill Aleksandrovich fullback
24. Shafeev Damir Rustamovich forward
25. Shuiskov Denis Evgrnyevich fullback

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