the first lyceum

Winners and prize winners of city, Republican and All-Russian Olympiads and competitions


Family Animation marathon

During the days of winter holidays on February 20 - 24, in the First Lyceum the will take place the second Family Animation marathon (the first was held during autumn holidays on November 21 - 25).

Optional Classes for 2011-2012 school year

Name Teacher The subject
Mathematical miracles and secrets Vadomskaya O.
Object- oriented programming Astafyev S. V. Computer science
Elements of programming. ProgramminglLogic Astafyeva М. V. Computer science
"A travel to the United Kingdom". Country-specific
English language
Happy English Sushentsova S. N. English language
Surprising English Sushentsova S. N. English language
Solution of non-standard mathematical tasks Prokofyeva Е. А. Mathematics
Solution of calculation chemical tasks Kurmayeva Т. V. Chemistry
Hygiene and healthy way of life Mashenko Т. А. Biology
Secrets of the English language grammar Vlasova S. B. English language
Solution of high complexity tasks Morozova А. А. Physics

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