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Winners and prize winners of city, Republican and All-Russian Olympiads and competitions


Family Animation marathon

During the days of winter holidays on February 20 - 24, in the First Lyceum the will take place the second Family Animation marathon (the first was held during autumn holidays on November 21 - 25).

Креатив старшеклассников (eng)

Drama studio "Square"

It is known, there are no similar people in the world. Every person is unique with his definite qualities

Leadership school Leadership school

Person's ability to be a leader depends on development of his organizing and communicative qualities

"Beading" club "Beading" club

The additional program "Beading" is applied and practice-oriented. It is aimed at learning basic methods of beading

Fabric painting Fabric painting

There were times when people could judge by the painting on one's clothes about his social status. The history of fabric painting comes from far away centuries

KVN school KVN school

Humor! Stage! Laugh! Every pupil can try himself in the role of a KVN-player! Can you create jokes? Or maybe you want to learn to do it? Then you are welcome to KVN school!

"Home decor" club "Home decor" club

Every person wishes to have something original, starting from interior things and finishing with personal things. If you also wish to have such things, "Home decor" club is for you!

"Plastic design" club "Plastic design" club

The age of standards has gone and today we prefer things made by our own hands, as they always keep some part of the master's soul

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