the first lyceum

Winners and prize winners of city, Republican and All-Russian Olympiads and competitions


Family Animation marathon

During the days of winter holidays on February 20 - 24, in the First Lyceum the will take place the second Family Animation marathon (the first was held during autumn holidays on November 21 - 25).


Creative element of the primary school

Sand Studio Sand Studio
The sand hobby group is a really unique thing, and for the students it is something magic and fascinating. They can build sand castles for hours devising bizarre shapes

Japanese Culture Classes Japanese Culture Classes
Ohayou, Konnichiwa!! Well, hello! It is these words with which a creative Japanese class starts in Building 1 of Lyceum No.1. Yes, yes, yes, you did hear it correctly, Japanese customs, traditions, history, grammar and language will be studied by primary school age students

Room of Good Mood Room of Good Mood

Modern academic programs promote fast education, training and development of the personality, but they often cause a lot of factors that deteriorate health too

Chess Hobby Group Chess Hobby Group
It is a game, so mysterious and interesting, allowing to compete with opponents in speed and accuracy of calculated combinations, in the depth of position evaluation, knowledge of the chess theory, from which the child starts their path into the entertaining world of chess

School of Artistic Crafts School of Artistic Crafts
Pictorial activity is the leading line of the personality development in childhood. The child perceives and reflects the surrounding world and their attitude to it through the pictorial activity

Animation Hobby Group
Hey, it's a crow! Or maybe a dog. Or maybe a cow. But it's good, too. - do you remember the wonderful Russian animated film Clay Crow? Our Lyceum provides the opportunity to shoot clay animation and cartoons, yes, practically from any material! What is an animation film?

Musical Hobby Group
Art together with its wonderful ability to arouse creativity in a human being, no doubt, takes the first place in the complex system of human education

Talent Theatrical Hobby Group Talent Theatrical Hobby Group
Each class in the theatrical studio is a celebration, a special day. Students do not just sit on their seats during these classes, and even if they sit, they do it very cheerfully and to good use. Games held in off-hour classes are indeed games for a student, not an over-organized activity

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