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Family Animation marathon

During the days of winter holidays on February 20 - 24, in the First Lyceum the will take place the second Family Animation marathon (the first was held during autumn holidays on November 21 - 25).

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Questions and answers

Kadyr Yakupovich Habibullin - the first Lyceum director answers parents' questions.

- Hello. My son is eager to attend the Lyceum herbal tea room. What kind of documents should we present and where can we take them? Are there any limits concerning age of pupils?

- To attend the herbal tea room you should present your local pediatrician permission. Ingredients and list of all the tea type you can take from your class teacher. And there are no age limits there.

- My daughter is 6 years old and her level of English language is intermediate. Now we live in Ufa but we would like to learn in your Lyceum. Is it possible? We still do not have any registration in Salavat but in the nearest future we plan to move there.

- All children 6,5 years old are admitted to comprehensive schools. If your child meets this requirement, you are welcome in our Lyceum!

- I would like to attend one of my child lessons. Is it possible? Or is it possible only in the open-door day?

- You are able to attend your child's lesson but you should first contact Lyceum administration and the teacher.

- Hello! My daughter is 8 year pupil. She would like to learn in your Lyceum. Is it possible and what is the procedure?

- We accept pupils to our Lyceum according to the available vacancies. Today there are no vacancies in 8th classes.

- My daughter is a pupil of another school but she is eager to attend your sand studio. If there are no similar studios in the city could she attend the one in your Lyceum? Her name is Rinata Vahitova.

- There are no similar studios in the city. We do not accept pupils from other schools as there are no vacant teachers. The studio today works 14 hours a week and groups consist of 8 pupils.

- What program is in the basis of your Lyceum education? What are its advantages? Irina Terehova

- The name of the program is "School 2100" and educational complex "Perspektiva" (mathematics by Peterson L.G.). This program meets all the new standards and has high difficulty level. in 5-9 classes there is preprofile education with natural sciences areas. In 10-11 classes there is advanced learning of physics, chemistry, mathematics and Humanities.

- How many hours a week do you teach Bashkir language? Are there any special norms for it?
Marina Petuhova

- Pupils start learning Bashkir language from the 2nd class. The education needs 2 hours a week. there are different programs for Bashkir-speaking and Russian-speaking pupils.

- In the building for junior pupils there are volunteers from other countries. It is very much of help in education and in learning foreign languages. My son has improved his knowledge of the English language. Do you plan to invite volunteers in future? We would like to continue friendship with them.
Irina Akberdina

- Yes. we plan to invite volunteers. Communication with native speakers is one of the most effective ways to learn foreign languages.

- Recently there was a program on TV about some school where pupils create robots themselves. They have got all the necessary things for it. My son burnt with desire to create robots. There are technical facilities in your Lyceum but you do not have such an optional class or studio. Why is it so?

- We plan to include basics of robotics and modeling in our compulsory educational program. Today we do not have such opportunities now. we are doing everything to have an up to date technology room in the green house by the second building. We would be grateful for any parents' assistance in transfer of the DEBS building in our management to organize extracurricular and sports classes for the senior school.

- Our pupils make lots of interesting things, they pain pictures, create handicrafts, knit and crochet... Let's make a trade fair of these things. Money got from the sale we can give to sick children or orphans. Is it possible?

- We are planning a New Year trade fair already. But anyway, thank you for your idea.

- They say that the first Lyceum is going to take some kindergarten under its patronage. Is it true?

- Kindergarten №58 is under our patronage already. We have been cooperating with it for quite a number of years.

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