the first lyceum

Winners and prize winners of city, Republican and All-Russian Olympiads and competitions


Family Animation marathon

During the days of winter holidays on February 20 - 24, in the First Lyceum the will take place the second Family Animation marathon (the first was held during autumn holidays on November 21 - 25).


Taking part in Russian-Korean chemical school

Since June 30 to July 16 in Moscow on the basis of Moscow Chemical Lyceum there was held the Russian-Korean chemical school

Great victory

Albert Shaihutdinov from 10 class became the winner of All-Russian Olympiad on Astronomy! We congratulate everybody with this victory!

A white castle

During the days of holidays in the palace of children and teenagers creation in Salavat there took place a chess championship among pupils of junior classes "A white castle - 2012"

Theater without borders

Recently in Salavat there was III City competition of dramatic art and actor skills "Theatre without borders". Pupils of our Lyceum took part in it and won prizes to our victory bank.

Presenting school leaving certificates to 11 classes

On June 23 in the First Lyceum there was held presenting of school leaving certificates

Presenting school leaving certificates to 9 classes

The school year is over. GIA has been passed! 9 class pupils receive their first educational document, their first certificate. It was made in the ceremonial atmosphere, in presence on their parents and teachers

Festival of kites

It is thought, that a kite was invented 400 years B.C. in China, where a wooden bird was constructed. That bird was able to spend in the sky up to 3 days. Since then these flying devices went through lots of changes and improvements

The last bell

The last bell is a traditional holiday of pupils, leaving their learning at school. The last bell is period when lessons are over and final exams are still ahead. The last bell draws the line and sets a point in a long studying marathon with all its lessons and intervals, tests and home tasks.

The Victory Day!

In the honor of the Victory Day celebration, in the 2nd building of the First Lyceum there is an interesting exhibition organized which is dedicated to models, showing battle actions of the Great Patriotic War.

Football School leaver 2012

On May 8 we held a football tournament among combined teams of 10th classes, 11th classes and a team of teachers

Guests of honor in the First Lyceum

On June 6 our Lyceum was visited by a delegation headed by the Head of Russian Chamber of Accounts Sergey Stepashin and the President of the Republic of Bashkortostan Hamitov Rustem.

Our greetings to 1st year pupils of the First Lyceum!

In life of every person there are moments he remembers for the whole life

Stool - 2012

This is the way we decided to name the great reciters contest which was held in the junior school of the First Lyceum. the contest can be called very popular, as 145 participants fought to be called the best reciter in 2012


Within the frames of the creation group, on May 2 a great chess tournament "Kaissa-2012" started in the First Lyceum. During these three days we are going to find the best player of the Lyceum. the contest starts at 13:30 in the Assembly Hall of the Lyceum 1st building. All the results will be published on the site!

Green teachers' meeting in SPUTNIK

On June 7 all the teachers of the First Lyceum went to the next teachers' meeting, devoted to the end of the school year

FINAL of the Junior KVN League!

On April 29 the season of Salavat Junior KVN League came to an end! The Lyceum team "Face" won the third place! We congratulate our pupils and wish them luck at their exams!

Bashkortostan leader of the XXI century Bashkortostan leader of the XXI century

A leader is the one who leads others. A leader has got lots of new ideas. A leader wishes to change the society and the whole world!


The first stage of the selection to profile classes of the First Lyceum is over

Miss Spring - 2012

Hello, everybody! As usual, we have got something interesting for you! The first Beauty Contest in history took place in 1888 in Belgium. In its final there were 21 participants. The jury judged about the girls by photo, and their correspondence to the main contest conditions. The girls should not be famous people. They were to live in separate houses, without other people. They were taken to the contest in closed coaches. The girls made their presentation in beautiful long dresses.

The final of the Literary competition The final of the Literary competition

On April, 5, there was held the final of the city contest to choose the reading class Literary competition, in which there participated four teams from schools 20 and 24, Gumnasium 1 and our Lyceum

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