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Family Animation marathon

During the days of winter holidays on February 20 - 24, in the First Lyceum the will take place the second Family Animation marathon (the first was held during autumn holidays on November 21 - 25).

History of the first Lyceum

The history of any school is not just dates with enumeration of significant events, history are people, their pleasures and experiences, their destiny. The history is alive, day after day, it is like sand glass – it cannot be stopped. First it is a small footpath from school to home, a new schoolbag still smelling paints, the first teacher, an official meeting, tears because of a bad mark received and pride for an excellent mark. All this is also the history. And it is different for different people.

The history of the First Lyceum did not began two years ago as it is considered to be, it started in 1963. It used to be a casual high school 12. Since then, as they say, a lot of water has flowed under the bridge, the city has changed, and become prettier, as if it had straightened in full growth. Trees became higher, and a lot of things changed. Yesterday's boys and little girls grew and chose their own ways of life. But they will always remain similar in one thing - they used to learn at school 12. In this school there have always studied the best pupils in physics, chemistry and mathematics.

Teachers of the Lyceum are the best in the city and even republic. There are even families here: Zajnutdinova Lyudmila Petrovna and Vener Husainovich, Sukharukov Pavel Matveevich and Maria Petrovna. The whole dynasties of teachers and real professionals have always worked here.

Teachers are always proud of their graduates. They carefully keep their photos, notebooks and pictures. It is not just memory for them, it is a whole life. It means, they lived, created and did not sleep at nights for good...

Among school graduates there are outstanding persons of art, science and politics. Names of some people are known far outside the republic. It is pride and history of school in persons: a world famous doctor-ophthalmologist Muldashev E.R., a well-known politician Arinin A.N., an honored artist of Bashkortostan Republic Mushtakov G.A., a general director of an Open Society « Gazprom Neftekhim Salavat » Shavaleev D.A.

However, the school 12 never used to be usual. People there were always a step ahead of the re rest of the republic.

There were experiments made at school 12 much earlier then such activity started in other schools. They always hoped for success. So they collected fans of physics mathematics and chemistry in separate classes and solved with them tasks whicn were much more difficult than usual ones.

As one of the teachers Tatyana Anatolevna Garshina recollects , there was a legal class, social and economic, physical and mathematical classes. Though these classes had no official status, and not everything was as they planned.

In 2006 there started a unique educational project called a "Physical-Chemical-Mathematical Class". The tripartite agreement was signed by school 12, Salavat branch of the Ufa Oil t

Technical University and an Open Society « Gazprom Neftekhim Salavat ». This was the way the 10th profile class appeared. At that time lovers of the exact sciences got an opportunity to pass training in Great Britain. Still one year ago one could not even dream about it.

The history of school 12 is closely interconnected with the history of school 10. They are like sisters who cannot lives without each other. However, school 10 is a little bit younger.

On the 1st of September, 1988 there was held the official meeting. In 1990 the school opened classes of fine arts, music, choreography, piano flute and accordion classes, groups of artistic gymnastics and eurhythmics. The school started to turns into a real pantry of talents, and in a couple of years a City center of arts was created on its basis which finally got a city status. Today there are pupils from all around the city in this centre.

In 1993 the school took under their patronage kindergarten 58.

It was the first time in history of the republic education when children meet their first teacher at 4. This teacher took care of his pupils up to the 4th class.

As Nadezhda Nikolaevna recollects, children came to the first class with the teacher already and felt more confident, were not afraid to stay there without parents in such unfamiliar conditions; it was very effective.

In 1997 the school graduates the first artistic-choreographic class. After leaving school graduates became students of the 2 course of an arts school.

Then under aegis of Open Society « Gazprom Neftechim Salavat » a project "School of the future" started at school.

Its participants are the youngest pupils. For the development of creative pupils potential some creative disciplines were added in the curriculum of elementary classes. The prior attention was paid to health and sports success.

In 2010 both educational institutions on the basis of which innovative projects were carried out, united in the First Lyceum. In building 1 there were elementary classes and in building 2 there were pupils of 5 - 11 classes.

Obviously, its not the end of the Lyceum history. It will be still written by those who are still pupils today. However, to write history does not mean to write words on a paper or to print on a computer keyboard of. History means people who live on the pages of this history. It means us.

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